Thanks to a wonderful friend, this past weekend I was able to get away for a relaxing few days at a cabin in the Lincoln National Forest in New Mexico.  It was intended to be both a work and play weekend, so we set aside time for both.  Amazingly (to me anyway), I got a ton of work done on our work day.  Not only that, I feel like I have moved past the end of the semester funk that I had been in the last few weeks.

After finishing what was a very intense Spring semester, I had given myself some time off to recoup.  This time included a trip to North Carolina where I was able to visit with friends as well as attend the Educator Council retreat for CEINW.  I fully intended to buckle down and get a good start on my Summer to do list when I returned, but I just hadn’t had the mental energy to tackle the work I need to do since then.  I would “work”, but it was really more just piddling around with things, rather than really feeling like I was able to get real work done.

However, I think getting away from my daily routine and being in the beautiful mountains of New Mexico has re-energized me and now I am ready to dive into the Summer to do list.

So here’s to the power of getting away to get some work done!


This is the view from the porch of the cabin where I was working – fresh air, the smell of pines, and mountain views – all good for work!