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Project 52 – Week 4

Although I wasn’t in DC on the mall like I was four years ago, it was still a great day watching Barack Obama be sworn in as my president.  One thing better this time, my living room was a good deal warmer than that morning in DC.



Project 52 – Week 3

After our recent freezing temperatures, the more moderate climate has returned to southern Arizona.  I took advantage of this last week by taking a short day trip up to Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park where I enjoyed a lovely walk that included the Gum Forest with big, beautiful Red Gum trees.Image

Project 52 – Week 2

It’s been unusually freezing here in Tucson the last few days. Everyone’s yard has ghostly shrouded plants as we all try to keep our not cold adapted plants from freezing to death each night. The cold has however made for some interesting frost patterns on my car each morning:


Project 52 – Week 1

Since I seem to always fail at Project 365 type photo projects, I have decided that this year I will post one photo per week – surely I can take at least one picture each week that I actually like. So here is the photo from Week 1:

Fencepost Cacti - Protected from the cold.

Fencepost Cacti – Protected from the cold.