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Project 52 – Week 39

Lots of stress lately so I decided to give myself Saturday morning off so I got my favorite breakfast at the B Line, went up to the top of “A” Mountain, and then went to see The Hundred Foot Journey, which I loved.

IMG_2491 IMG_2495 IMG_2496


Project 52 – Week 38

Last week we had awesome clouds thanks to Hurricane Odile which although predicted to flood Tucson actually stayed further south along the border.


Project 52 – Week 37

Saturday night I went to get money from the ATM and there were loaves of bread sitting on top of the ATM….bread at the “bread” machine – how strange?


Project 52 – Week 36

Got my first chance to ride the new SunLink Streetcar from campus downtown last week with friends for dinner – it was great and so convienient!


Project 52 – Week 35

Got my first box of tasty-ness from my Hatchery subscription this week. ┬áCan’t wait to try all the things.