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These resources came from a presentation at the Teacher Advisory Council of the National Academy of Science.  The National Academies held a workshop last fall on the use of games and simulations in learning science.  The agenda from the workshop as well as the commissioned papers and presentations are available online at the committee’s website.  Of particular interest are a collection of YouTube videos featuring some of the simulations and games discussed at the workshop.


We are teaching kids for yesterday or today, when we really need to be teaching them for tomorrow.  What will tomorrow bring?  I don’t know for sure, but I do know that in order to be prepared for it you need to be a creative, flexible thinker.  Unfortunately, many schools are teaching kids skills of today which will be obsolete by the time they need skills to be successful members of society.

Many of the technologies we use today, were things of wild imaginings 50 years ago, perhaps even as recently as 20 years ago.  What will these things look like 10, 20, or 30 years from now?  There will undoubtably be technologies that sound like something from a science fiction writer’s imagination.  However, today’s first graders will be entering the prime of their careers 30 years from now and it is our responsibility, as educators, to help prepare them for this world.  While we cannot teach them how to use these tools that are not created, we can teach them to be adaptable and flexible thinkers.  It is the flexible thinkers who will suceed in the future.

To that end, we as educators need to be adaptable and flexible thinkers ourselves.  I have found the two videos below to be great sparks for discussions about the future of education.