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Project 52 – Week 43

The view of a dissertating grad student…this almost all the time.



Project 52 – Week 42

I made this totally yummy Gruyere and Butternut Strata – totally one of the yummier things I’ve made in a long time.IMG_3644

Project 52 – Week 41

It’s been a rainy fall so far in Tucson and these were just another set of amazing clouds rolling in.


Project 52 – Week 40

Encountered this beautiful Swallowtail butterfly on Sunday afternoon.  I picked it up to move it from in front of the door and it hung out on my finger for awhile.


Project 52 – Week 39

Went out to Saguaro National Park West to watch the Supermoon Eclipse rise over the Tucson Mountains.IMG_5826

Project 52 – Week 38

Checked something off of my #beforeileavearizona list this weekend – Go to a UA football game.  I picked a good one, the Cats beat NAU 77-13 and broke school records for scoring and yards.


Project 52 – Week 37

The Barrel Cactus on the patio started blooming over the weekend – it is lovely!


Project 52 – Week 36

We had a pop-up thunderstorm with hail and crazy winds, but it was followed by a lovely rainbow.


Project 52 – Week 35

I went to the airport to pick up a friend last week and saw this cool giant zipper mouth sculpture.  I am not sure if it is new or if I have always been in such a hurry to get out of the airport that I never noticed it before.  Either way, I like it.


Project 52 – Week 34

I went to a Cocktails 101 class at my local Whole Foods store.  It was free and it was so much fun.  The featured spirits were Apple Brandy and Rum.  We got to taste the spirits and sample a few drinks made with each.  My favorite was a rum and coffee concoction – the Dreary Day Pick Me Up.  I can’t wait for the next class in September.